A little bit of proactivity goes a long way!

Presentations can take place anywhere from offices and boardrooms, to theatres and auditoriums. Presenters who know where they are going to be delivering in advance have a significant advantage. They know where their presentation area will be, they know where the screen is located relative to them, and they know where their audience will be situated. Most importantly, they know what to expect as they prepare for their presentation.

Oftentimes, presenters are extremely focused on their material and content. They tend to overlook or disregard the location of their presentation, as they deem it less important compared to knowing their content. However, many of those same presenters are thrown off or impacted by an unfamiliar venue. On the day of their presentation, instead of mentally rehearsing or connecting with their audience, they’re frantically trying to work out where they will stand, where they can move, where the clock is, etc. Take a few minutes at least a day before your presentation and scope out your location. Small cost of time, huge benefit of comfort!

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